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From time to time I have puppies, as a rule whites and silvers. I don't plan a litter unless both parents have been checked and certified free of hereditary eye disease by an ACVO, with results registered with CERF. All of my dogs used for breeding have been tested, I am gradually having their DNA tested by Optigen, and thus far all have resulted in "A", which means they will never produce the prcd form of PRA. These results have also been sent to OFA's open database.

All of the puppies I sell as pets are sold on a spay/neuter contract, which means AKC papers will be furnished when the pet has been neutered. AKC LIMITED REGISTRATION. All puppies go to their new homes with a complete health record, including immunization record with shots appropriate for their age, and informatuion on when next shots are due. In my "Puppy Packet" (which grows day by day!) are also feeding instructions, copies of both parents' AKC DNA certificates, current CERF Certificates, OFA certification, five generation pedigree, housebreaking instructions, and a whole lot more! (I'm obsessive/compulsive about my babies).

Parents are, of course, structurally sound, and have fabulous temperments. My feeling is "Pet Quality" is the highest calling a Poodle can have. What does this mean, exactly? It means being a pet is the most important thing a Poodle will ever do. Friend of Children, adults, seniors with walkers, handicapped people, EVERYONE! A poodle MUST be friendly in order to be a successful pet. Comfortable everywhere, in love with the world. That is the personality I breed for, and I won't accept anything less. Similarly, a poodle who is not structurally sound cannot be expected to be the happy go lucky pet we expect our Poodles to be, since lack of soundness will eventually result in a dog who is in pain, and a dog who is in pain will, eventually be a dog who will bite! You deserve a sound dog, no matter who you get it from.

Meeting the mother of your puppy-to-be is vitally important for she not only contributes 50% genetically, she raises the babies, so her influence is HUGE! If you aren't able to meet the mother of the puppy (AND watch her interact with her babie(s)), you're asking for trouble! Mom should be so very charming that you are tempted to ask if SHE might be for sale. Don't accept excuses from ANYONE about why you can't meet the Mom. As a groomer, I get calls constantly about behavior problems, health issues, etc. usually from people who bought in a local pet shop, or from a website and didn't meet the mother of the puppies, and now have the distressing results of the lack of informed decision making. No matter who you get your puppy from, remember, (1) meet Mom, (2) insist on seeing PROOF of Breed/Variety specific testing see Versatility In Poodles, Inc , and (3) be patient! The Best Puppy In The World is worth waiting for.

Please free to call me at any time at (609) 426-0559, for advice on finding a breeder in your area who does the right genetic testing, and proper puppy socialization. I never ship my babies as I want to meet the entire family my babies will be spending the next 15+ years with, and YOU must meet the Mom, and you can't do that over the phone!

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