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The fact that my dogs are famous for their personalities is the important part.... that there are 25 Champions (with more in the show ring) is the icing on the cake!

Poco A Poco Toy Poodles was a dream that started when my sister and I opened our first Grooming Shop in Yorktown Heights, New York in 1962. We were both still in High School, but we had our first show dog, a Miniature Pinscher, and we decided to pay for his show expenses by grooming other peoples pets. Obviously, we had more guts than good sense, but from those two High School students have come Poco a Poco Miniature Pinschers, Poco a Poco Toy Poodles, and Bar None Maltese.

That sister, Michelle Perlmutter, who bred Maltese under the Bar None prefix (dozens of Champions, Group Winners and Best in Show Winners, still found in pedigrees of today's winning Maltese) is now a photographer, and also works at a racetrack in Ft Worth Texas. I must also tell you, my other sister, Teresa Roberson, is also an incredible photographer, and lives in Tyler, Texas. She has cats, but that's OK!

There are now 25 American Champion Poco a Poco Toy Poodles, with more in the ring being shown, and winning.

My vision of the 'perfect Toy Poodle' is a short backed, athletic, brilliant and sweet dog, equally successful in the show ring and in a child's arms. In my opinion, the most important components of the successful Toy Poodle are genetic and physical soundness, a great brain, and a loving personality. Ignore any of these, and you have something else in Poodle drag. I like to think that any of my puppies would be suitable for any child or adult, the only limiting factors being the size and substance of the Poodle in question; i.e. a Toy Poodle under 6 pounds would never be suitable for small children, as they can be easily injured by inattention.

Children feel in their hearts that they can never hurt something they love,but sometimes forgetfullness can lead to tragedy, as for instance leaving the pet on the bed, and when the pet tries to follow, s/he may break a leg jumping off of the bed if the pet is too small or too young to do so. Broken limbs can happen to dogs of all sizes, to be sure, but we do have to pay special attention to those who are very small.

In order to assure the soundest physical qualities in the Toy Poodles I produce, it is my very strict policy to NEVER knowingly breed a dog with any characterteristics that would have a negative impact on his or her long and carefree enjoyment of life.

None of the dogs I show or use for breeding have anything but exemplary health and skeletal characteristics. All of the dogs I show and breed are checked annually by a Certified Veterinary Opthalmologist (ACVO), and I am having their DNA checked for the prcd form of PRA, and thus far all dogs checked have been determined to be "A", which means they are clear of the defect and will never produce it. All of those checked annually are also registered with CERF, and those who have been DNA cleared are also registered with OFA. Click HERE for more information.

All dogs who are shown and/or bred are also microchipped, a permanent and irrefutable form of identification, as well as all being DNA profiled by the AKC. There are those who think this last form of identification is redundant. I disagree. I do it because I know there has been no 'funny business' in my breeding practices, everyone is exactly who I say they are. 100% of them. Not everyone is able to step up to this line. Every puppy I sell goes to their new home with copies of both parent's DNA profile, copies of both parent's CERF certificates, and OFA numbers.

I am proud of what has gone into my Poco a Poco Toy Poodles, and what has come from them. There are Poco a Poco Toy Poodles in the pedigrees of innumerable Champions, Group Winners, Best in Show Winners as well as Top Producers. There are Poco a Poco Toy Poodles in the pedigrees of a Poodle Club of America Best in Show Winner and a Westminster Toy Group Winner. I look forward to the Future, and hope you will enjoy the pages which follow, successful show dogs and successful pets.

I would love to have you stop by for a visit! It's always best to call first to be sure I'm not at a dog show or something, but VISITORS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!

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